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Cloud Digital is a DevOps consulting company that is proud to help organizations achieve 99% production stability though optimizing SDLCs, automating delivery cycles, and more. We aim to break unproductive habits, increase efficiency, and improve outcomes across the board. Call Cloud Digital when you’re ready to take your business from conventional to exceptional. It’s time to embrace innovation,

Pipeline And Releases

Accelerate releases with automated CI/CD pipelines on microservers or serverless systems.

Infrastructure Automation

Set up various components of your infrastructure to run automatically on the cloud, on-premise, or both. We will increase speed and help you scale.

Containerization And Kubernetes

Containers help run applications on an isolated system while K8s allow you to manage all container resources from a single location.

Configuration Management

Successfully manage your testing ecosystems by leveraging the industry's best practices and methodologies to ensure data breaches and outages don’t affect your outcomes.

Continuous Monitoring

Automate continuous monitoring, gain reliable insight into security threats, and address compliance concerns throughout application development lifecycles.


Code changes are merged faster and moved through the CD pipelines for production, which minimizes risk and improves team productivity by reducing code deployment time.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery helps you adapt to change more effectively by considering where in the business process changes can be applied immediately, early, and often.

Security Management In Cloud

Establish a multi-step process for tackling cloud vulnerabilities by building a system that proactively detects and addresses the most common pitfalls.

Release Management

Redefine the way you work by integrating the entire release workflow, accelerating feedback loops and shortening cycle times


Integrate security into every phase of the development lifecycle and every layer of your architecture.

DevOps Services

DevOps enables you to improve your IT outcomes without sacrificing business agility. This means that you can accelerate delivery and increase dependability while realizing the benefits of a streamlined and automated release cycle, higher quality products with faster rollouts, and lower cost overall.

Assessment & Strategy

Our DevOps services create value through improved efficiency and accelerated delivery, resulting in a seamless path from development to production and dependable IT outcomes.

Application Architecture

The Application Architecture defines a high-level logical representation of the application. The goal is to describe how the application is deployed, how it can be operated and secured, how it should scale and support feature additions.

Devops Implementation

Designs, builds, and deploys platforms to execute devops processes from development to production. Ensures that product standards and best practices are applied as you build new code and applications.

Organizational Change

Explains how to assess your organization's readiness for devops, defines development and operations at a high level, presents a strategy for reaching your goals, and helps you define your overall strategy.

Operating Model

A detailed analysis is completed to identify improvements in all critical areas including process improvement, governance, time-to-market, and efficiency of operations.

Devops Managed Services

Provides clients with managed services on an hourly, monthly and/or annual basis, freeing up client resources for application design, development, and testing. This results in continual delivery of your services, enabling you to stay current with market demands.


DevOps Model

DevOps is an agile, cost-effective development and deployment model that allows your organization to maximize visibility, control, and transparency across the infrastructure layer.





DevOps Benefits

Whether you operate an SMB or a multi-location enterprise, our DevOps consulting practice will help your business collaborate faster from scratch at personal and technical levels.

Improve Business Agility

Improve the process of interdepartmental interaction and facilitate a culture of collaboration while working on improving efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

Accelerate Time-To-Market

Our deep DevOps consulting expertise helps organizations cut costs, accelerate time-to-market, and deliver products more efficiently.

Elevate Product Quality

An automated pipeline can be used to test new code on each commit, allowing you to catch bugs before they make it into your production environment.

Embrace Innovation Faster

With a DevOps culture, you will build an agile approach to culture, process, tools and mindset that helps your organization accelerate digital innovation.

Minimize Downtime

We've created an enterprise solution for automating tasks and maximizing efficiency that puts DevOps into your company's DNA.

Strengthen Security

Automate management and provisioning of your environments to ensure seamless delivery of security updates.

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