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Our services help you to achieve agility and optimize efficiency by effectively leveraging your cloud infrastructure. With our focus on customers, vast cloud computing experience, certified AWS experts, and unparalleled technology acumen, we are a trusted AWS consulting partner. Whether you want to deploy complex AWS environments or manage data migration to AWS, we will make your cloud investments agile and future-ready.

Ideation Strategy

Enterprise-specific cloud-adoption roadmaps, including data transformation and migration, security recommendations, and overall roadmap strategy for successfully adopting and deploying cloud technology.

Cloud Development

A suite of enterprise-class service and support offerings that simplify the time to market for digital platforms and make it easier to manage digital assets over their entire lifecycle.

Implementation Journey

We begin with a high-level technical assessment of your AWS environment. We then customize our approach and share our recommendations with you, proposing a solution that will not only meet but exceed your KPIs.

Cloud Security

We help transform your cloud implementation into a secure, reliable and resilient business application platform by delivering a full spectrum of cloud security solutions that accelerate AWS adoption and minimize deployment risks.

Migration Delivery

Using our proven framework, we can transition your current business processes to a flexible and scalable system that will improve process efficiency, reduce cost, and increase profits.

Operations And Support

We help our customers through on-going business operations and support. We provide breakthrough agility across the entire lifecycle of a project – from design to delivery and operation.

Our AWS Capabilities

We have a growing AWS talent pool that helps us deliver agile business transformation by leveraging the cloud. We maintain a growing talent pool that helps organizations adopt and leverage the world’s most innovative technologies.

Assessment & Strategy

We help you improve time-to-market and handle on-demand capacities through a multi-vendor cloud infrastructure. Let's work together to identify your unique business needs and solve them with proven methodologies.

Optimized AWS Ecosystem

By designing, launching and managing highly integrated, secure and scalable AWS solutions, you can reduce downtime and unplanned outages.

Robust Microservices

The microservices architecture helps you build the next generation of applications that go from monolithic to microservice-centric and accelerates scalability by enabling innovation.

AWS Solutions

Our AWS Solutions help enterprises discover new ways of managing digital disruptions, improve business value, and embrace cloud at scale and velocity while accelerating the pace of innovation.

Cloud Scalability

The most cutting-edge cloud deployment technology, providing state-of-the art innovations in data management and optimization, enabling enterprises to access insights for shaping their enterprise future.

Data Analytics

Enables enterprises to create insight-rich data lakes in days. It combines industry-proven expertise in AWS Lake Formation with our big-data platform to reduce the time required to start building and operating data lakes.

Application Integration

A solution to enable seamless integration of your existing applications to AWS. A serverless, scalable, and available integration platform that enables you to enable new digital experiences in line with your business goals.

Workload Mobility

Accelerates the hybrid cloud transformation by seamlessly bringing enterprise-wide ecosystems into hybrid IT cloud ecosystems.

Cyber Resilience

Cutting-edge technology that helps enterprises from different industry verticals to embrace the next level of cloud ecosystem. Our team of cybersecurity experts create a plan that caters to your unique security requirements.

Core Vertical Expertise in AWS

We provide expertise in AWS and enable enterprises to integrate cloud with their legacy environment. With our solutions, you can deploy applications faster with greater agility at scale allowing your organization to focus on business outcomes and not infrastructure management.

Logistics & Transportation

Streamline operations ranging from deploying autonomous fleets to creating AI-enabled driver monitoring, driving cost savings and efficiency. With AWS solutions, you can connect transportation and logistics services across multiple modes of transport including aviation, rail, road, and sea.


We help our enterprises navigate renewable energy business models through digitization, consumerization, and decentralization initiatives, so they can create value for today and scale for tomorrow.

Manufacture & Industrial

Place new-age automation at the AWS core to reimagine how global manufacturing enterprises produce, store, and distribute next-gen smart products.

Healthcare & Life Science

We support enterprises in their efforts to evolve and scale their technology infrastructure with a broad portfolio of services including design, build and run of healthcare, life sciences, and biomedical IT workloads.

Finance & Banking

Our solutions are designed to help banking and financial enterprises achieve their goals in an increasingly complex marketplace. We are dedicated to helping these customers amplify the digital agility of their organizations by meeting even the toughest regulatory and security requirements at a blistering speed.

Media & Entertainment

Improve video quality and reduce latency by delivering superior video playback, transcoding, and more. Manage your content once and use it anywhere in the world—from the cloud or from devices that can stream to your customers.

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