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Our client is one of the largest Dental Services Companies in the US providing all types of dental services. It has millions of customers all over the world. It offers teeth devices to the clients from home, without visiting the dental offices. It has a network of referral and affiliate dentists and Orthodontists. It offers high-quality teeth devices such as aligners and retainers with certified dental technicians.

Problems & Challenges

If they would have chosen a different company and a different technology then the project would have taken 6 or 7 months. But, while choosing a Salesforce Certified Partner like AnavClouds they managed to complete the same project within a month.

Here are the challenges that we faced in the project:

  • Adding consolidated conversation threads for each email, case and other custom objects in chronological order along with their icons.
  • For each conversation, there should be options for “reply”, “reply all” and “forward”.
  • There should be functionality for inbound and outbound emails/messages.


Technology: Lightning Component, Apex class.

  • The client wanted to view all the conversations for his customers in a single place irrespective of customers creating cases or sending direct emails or conversing while doing transactions/orders, without navigating to multiple pages to view customer activities.
  • View the activities/conversations for any of his customers in a collaborative manner and in chronological order.

So we have implemented a custom component which will fetch all the activities/conversation of any customer from all the places and with visibility at one place – in chronological order. We have used different icons to see through which platform he has communicated.

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