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Salesforce: A Proven Catalyst For Your Sales Productivity

How does Salesforce work?

Salesforce is a CRM that has sales at the centre of its work—starting from gathering multifaceted details of a potential lead, to assisting the sales group to adding a personal touch to their interaction with the lead at various stages. Salesforce has the potential to get it all done right.


Salesforce offers an assortment of tools and services for relationship management and custom application advancement, focusing on both small and large businesses. With Salesforce, you can get insights into the clients, comprehend their needs and requirements better, and treat them as if you are personally familiar with their needs.

Salesforce offers various products that include:

  • Service cloud
  • Marketing cloud
  • Salesforce platform
  • Quip 
  • Sales cloud
  • Commerce cloud
  • Community cloud


Salesforce software is used by a large number of small and large enterprises, covering different industries and various geographic areas.

How does Salesforce help your business?

  • Enables you to spend more time doing the core activity, i.e. selling

Salesforce takes out low-value activities like manual data entry, etc, and enables your sales reps to focus more on their customers, catch new contacts from email consequently, and make a complete perspective of their clients.  

  • Eliminate the guesswork from your business

Transform your client information into noteworthy insights with sales investigation and AI. Salesforce assists reps to focus on the right activities with sales insights whenever and wherever they need them. It also empowers supervisors and sales reps to find the opportunities which are worthy of their efforts and gives them time to plan and strategize their activities. 

  • Enhances your sales rep’s potential 

Salesforce helps to upskill your existing reps’ potential and makes it easy to onboard new reps quicker. It even creates a high productivity work area for sales groups to team up and execute together with ease and harmony.

Unlock Salesforce potential with Salesforce Consulting Services

Salesforce consulting services aim to assist your sales, customer assistance needs, and marketing.

Salesforce consulting services help you in :

  • Defining business aims and objectives
  • Recommending a suitable salesforce edition for your business
  • Identifying and mapping business objectives


We at Digital Salesforce work on solving the very often faced problems like low win rates, low lead conversion rates, lengthy case resolution issues, etc.

Our salesforce consultants at Digital Salesforce help you find a solution for every challenge you face while working with Salesforce.

Why opt for Salesforce professional and development services?

Salesforce professional services ensure that you are executing the right Salesforce solutions for your business and assist you with adjusting the user interface, data models, etc.

Other very useful services that you might get with your Salesforce professional and development services are:


  • Built-in features to create customizable business reports
  • Customizable salesforce consoles
  • App customization
  • The amalgamation of the Salesforce environment with other business apps.


Implementation of a cloud-based CRM is a wise venture which guarantees to increase revenue, work on internal communication and consumer satisfaction, and create a more profitable association. Salesforce is a tool with various advantages that can greatly improve your business execution. Therefore, it must be considered while selecting a CRM for your organization.

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