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Looking Ahead: The Future of Salesforce CRM Consulting Services in 2023

As one of the maximum thrilling Cloud systems around, the Salesforce CRM consulting services suite of programs is starting to discover considerable applicability in an unexpectedly growing variety of enterprise domains, and SFDC has witnessed a wonderful increase in the latest years. But what does destiny maintain for Salesforce? Is Salesforce’s family of solutions all set and prepared to dominate –even monopolize- the company software program marketplace for the last decade ahead? To expect the destiny for Salesforce, let’s start with a glimpse into the latest past. A short look at the contemporary kingdom of the CRM industry and the position performed through Salesforce apps will assist us to join the dots and arrive at a viable destiny trajectory – 

  • 47% of overall CRM software program sales in 2014 became generated from SaaS-primarily based CRM applications. 
  • Salesforce (NYSE: CRM) leads the global CRM marketplace with an 18.4% marketplace proportion. 
  • The top ten CRM carriers collectively have been capable of generating 60% of global sales in 2014.
  • Undoubtedly, Salesforce CRM consulting services ruled the global CRM marketplace with a marketplace proportion of 18.6%, and 28.2% sales increase from 2013 to 2014. SAP had the second-biggest marketplace proportion with 12.1%, with an increased charge of 7.2% in 2014.
  • Oracle had the 0.33 biggest marketplace proportion of 9.2% with an increased charge of almost 2.6% in 2014.

The pie chart here illustrates the worldwide CRM Software Spending by vendors in 2014. The graph compares CRM revenue growth rates by the vendor for 2014 worldwide CRM sales.

Demand for an ‘Intelligent’ Tool

Although the significance of a great CRM tool can’t be overstated, the brilliant tempo of technological development has delivered every other size to this need: that of intelligence. While it is going without announcing that companies that don’t successfully make use of CRM or ERP tools in this period of related facts are going to lag a long way in the back of the competition, using effective tools which are able to process substantial quantities of intelligence to supply higher outcomes will expand aggressive commercial enterprise advantage. It is consequently proper to say: that with extra facts being exchanged, and with the era of promoting and shopping has come to be extra complicated than ever, the need for a device this is smart and sufficient to address sales activities has come to be crucial. A Sales Performance Optimization Benchmark study from CSO Insights states that sales human beings spend the most effective 34% of their time selling. Thereby, to promote smart selling, it would be useful if there has been a tool that helped in growing the exceptional sales opportunities, prioritizing possibilities and time, and understanding their clients higher. An article on Salesforce’s blog – Future of Intelligent Selling, via way of means of Jim Hopkins of, states that the contemporary CRM -as a set of practices, strategies, and technologies- meets this need as a great solution because it affords the tools and facts for finding and recommending the proper opportunities, accounts, and contacts to sell to.

Salesforce as a Game Changer

Gartner expected that the big adoption of salesforce CRM consulting services came with the distinction that the software-as-a-service deployments had been making. It’s expected that SaaS CRM solutions will attain a deployment charge of 80 to 85% by 2025. The CRM software marketplace in itself is predicted to develop at a charge of approximately 14% yearly in the short-term, through 2017. A record from MIT cautioned that approximately 91% of businesses’ usage of Salesforce CRM consulting services for their CRM strategies suggested a “strong govt voice”. It similarly suggested that around 64% of entrepreneurs placed extra prices on their current consumers in preference to obtaining new ones. Salesforce facilitates salespeople to cater to clients and customers throughout their buying-promoting experience.

How Does Salesforce Revive Businesses?

Over 54% of companies that use CRM solutions declare that Salesforce lends itself properly to offering a customized customer-service experience. four in five Salesforce customers’ needs have been met with greater ease with Salesforce CRM consulting services than with different CRM offerings. As the cloud allows employees to get the right of entry to data from anywhere, the advantage of the use of a single account for client records and data throughout their sales, finance, and legal groups isn’t lost on businesses. As a smart tool that allows the salesforce at corporations to spend much less time searching, managing, and entering data and more time on selling, the Salesforce platform has increased the way companies are done – to an entirely new level!

Future Of Salesforce CRM Consulting Services

Despite the increasing enterprise software market and also the tremendous success of the tool, without a stream of latest products and features, growth in an arena wherever the challengers embrace the likes of IBM, SAP, and Microsoft is difficult, at best. this can be a strategy that Salesforce has grasped well. Since the launch of Lightning experience in August 2015, it’s remained upwards mobile within the CRM market. This was an additional efficient version of the core CRM product that met its aim of increasing sales rep productivity and providing businesses with the analytics and intelligence that are key factors to extending sales. Some striking option of this new Salesforce Lightning is that it provides customizable dashboards and chance boards that facilitate obtaining an entire image across all deals. Sales professionals can drag and drop deals from stage to stage like digital sticky notes. Also, with the feature of contextual hovers, one can get to grasp what’s occurring with a customer while not having to navigate through several pages.


In the longer term, we tend to expect Salesforce to integrate data science and massive data capabilities into its Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. This can result in automatic client service tasks (via Service Cloud) and would let marketers leverage information for predictive and targeted marketing (via marketing Cloud). If this will is done, it’ll be a step in the right direction, considering a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that expressed that 71% of companies invest in business intelligence and massive data, of which 20% have said to have created substantial investments. By providing customized CRM tools to specific categories of businesses and by providing personalized experiences for clients that successively facilitate capturing relevant and specific information, Salesforce can promise itself an extention that it has sustained for itself so far. Salesforce forays into the aid trade and also the Internet-of-Things (IoT) have already begun, with the corporate outlining its Health Cloud at this year’s DreamForce convention. And as one of the primary CRM providers requires the mobile platform, Salesforce’s numerous mobile apps are well-established tools for massive enterprises.


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